Primary Partner

The Romanian Academy

The project-relevant description of the partner’s activity

The partner stands for the highest positioned scientific and cultural forum nationwide. It primarily aims to conclude the under-mentioned perspectives: support as well as promote the national and worldwide science and culture, arrange and undertake basic and pioneering research studies, assemble scientific and cultural conventions with international participation too, set up training sessions targeted for a further higher educational completion, organize postgraduate, postdoctoral and other corresponding courses, support competition-based grants with both national and international participation, contribute to an enhanced promotion of the Romanian science and culture across the globe, encourage further interaction between the national cultural values and various universal ones as a result of settling bilateral agreements and operating scientific research-oriented bilateral and multilateral collaborative policies with worldwide academies and other analogous institutions, advance the national values further into the European knowledge environment and also increase awareness upon the significant role of the knowledge society as based on science and technology.

The project-relevant description of the partner’s experience

The partner represents the uttermost experienced authority in the field of research countrywide. Aside from numerous other attributions, its fundamental role views coordinating the research activities extended within all three subsidiaries, 66 institutions and more than 2500 researchers. The considerable gain of experience allows the partner to deliver grants of research both internally as outside the country too and assist research programs of national significance. No less consideration ought to be paid to the multitude of projects that were submitted, rightfully earned and therefore applied out of national or worldwide funds.

The project-related activities

The activities inside the project with a determining role are as follows:

1.Contribute to the project development,

2. Appoint a preliminary target group to promote the project on a regional basis,

3. Assist and evaluate the fellows by tutorial programs,

4. Provide highly qualified professional support.


Secondary Partner

The Northern University of Baia Mare

The project-relevant description of the partner’s activity

The partner functions as a state university with a progressive series of disciplines that generate experts in such departments as engineering, economics, sciences, philology, philosophy, theology and fine arts. The students are assisted by an academically reputed teaching body formed of 130 Ph. Doctors and 40 candidates to a doctoral title. The Northern University in Baia Mare is accredited with a number of 10 PhD coordinators and it holds an I.O.S.U.D (Doctoral Studies Organizing Institution) position in Mechanical Engineering, Philology, Mathematics and Philosophy.

The project-relevant description of the partner’s experience

The partner unfolds the academic activities under the department of doctoral and post-graduate studies that view to assist their attendees in the process of gaining the corresponding professional certification or continuing and completing their undergraduate and postgraduate qualification. The support is ensured on the purpose of accomplishing the following targets: train experts with a high educational background  functional in such areas as schooling, science and culture or economic and social activities similarly equivalent to the general status of the contemporary scientific and cultural domains; generate new series of researchers in science qualified enough to exceed the strict professional demands nowadays; carry out activities of fundamental and applied scientific research  with a mono-, multi- and inter-disciplinary validity performed within designated institutes, centers, laboratories, divisions and teaching departments; provide human resources with a highly qualified profile given by interaction between the training cycle and the scientific research.

The project-related activity/ activities

The preliminary setup in the partner’s agenda is rendered by the components below: research groundwork, human resources, collaborative partnership with inter- or multi-disciplinary, geographical and institutional applicability, and management of research programs. The projects initiated as a result of the grants and contracts related to the partner’s investigatory activity have benefitted of European funding internally assisted by CNCSIS (National University Research Council), ANCS (The National Authority in Scientific Research) as prioritized by CEEX (Excellence Research Program), PNCD II (Complementary National Direct Payments), The Ministerial Department of Economics and Commerce, and various national companies.