what is the Knowledge Based Society project?



The Romanian Academy, the Romanian Academy, Iasi Branch (the Institute of Social and Economic Research Gh. Zane) and the North University of Baia Mare began, starting with the 1st of April the project The Knowledge Based Society - researches, debates, perspectives.

The project is co-financed by the European Union and the Romanian Government from the Social European Fund by the Sectorial Operational Program of Human Resources Development 2007-2013

The project lasts 3 years and it is meant to support scientific research in Romania, offering financier aid in the form of post-doctoral scholarships, 12 months long, for researchers that got their doctor degree after the year 2000.

The project is addressed to doctors in philosophy, social sciences and humanities, or exact sciences who wish to focus their research on themes of the philosophy of science, epistemology and methodology of science.