Call for Papers

The papers to be submitted for presentation at the Conference should generally contain approaches in the following sections:


Epistemology and philosophy of science

A better understanding of the concept and process of knowledge is a condition of performance in the knowledge-based society. What are the implications of the social, moral, gender, etc. dimensions of knowledge? What is and what should be the status of science in our contemporary society?

This section is dedicated to papers addressing these very questions and other problems with a view to encouraging the exchange of information and opinions on the importance of epistemology and philosophy of science for the future scientific and cultural development of the knowledge society. The papers should focus on subjects addressing (but not necessarily limited to) the following topics: History, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Social, Moral, Political, Religious, Art, Linguistic, and Gender Epistemology.

Ethics, social and political philosophy 

In this section specialists are invited to present papers addressing the ethical, social and political dimensions, implications, ideals, and limits of the knowledge-based society. Among the topics welcomed by the organizers are the following: ideology and political ideals, government and democracy, social institutions and organizations, ethical values and boundaries, globalization and geopolitics, and future prospects for the knowledge society.

 Anthropology and cultural studies 

The society of knowledge is the society within social, cultural, economic and all other human activities become dependent on a large volume of knowledge and information. In this section we wish to focus on the cultural diversity and change, religious beliefs and practices, migration, ethnicity, ideology, and other topics of cultural studies and their impact upon the society of knowledge.

Psychology and educational sciences 

This section is dedicated to all specialists holding an interest in studying and analysing the contributions that psychology and education can bring to the development of the knowledge society. The section is open for papers on the following and other related topics: general psychology, lifelong learning and adult education, education and technology, learning theories, situated cognition: social, semiotic and psychological perspectives, the psychology of beliefs about knowledge and knowing, social psychology, life-span psychology and psychology of death and dying.

Economical theories and practices 

This section is open to academics, researchers and policy makers interested to interact and discuss about the limits of the knowledge society from the economical point of view. In this section we wish to focus especially on the following topics: the limits of economical knowledge, epistemological approaches of economical theories, economic methods and practices, the role of economy in the knowledge society.


Abstracts of the papers that will be presented at the conference will be transmitted via e-mail at the address: