The Objective of the Project

The overall objective of the project lies in supporting the Ph. Doctors required to have completed their bachelor studies following the year 1999 along with a specialized degree in either philosophy, social and humanistic sciences or exact sciences (that manifest a firm interest in undertaking research-based perspectives on such disciplines as the philosophy of science, epistemology or methodology), with the intent to provide them the necessary  guidance, financial assistance and meritorious promotion in the pursue of developing a research career within a forward-looking institutional context in accordance to the related European requirements.

The guidelines followed by the young researchers are thought to be medium and long-term effective as a result of the highly trained professionals whose certified promotional approach is considered to determine an even outspread of their study outcomes expected to help better adhere to the European research entourage and its steady concern of the real necessities faced by the society.  

It is only by means of setting up an impeccable institutional arrangement which will provide immediate access to the latest factual data as well as a functional system of forwarding and applying the results that the objective under question can realistically be attained. By conceiving an up-to-date institutional set up, it is thus accomplished an easier access to information and results of the research in the benefit of both specialists and general public.

Specific requirements in meeting the leading goal:

1. Constitute an inter-disciplinary research center of national and international resonance suitable to the grant fellows in need of a contemporary European-friendly entourage agreeable to their research activity and their professional development. Easy access to information comprised in books or data bases, counseling and professional training will also be at their disposal.

2. Assist the researchers from the early beginnings of their career and build an inter-disciplinary research group resourceful enough to withstand the rigorous demands of a present-day research of European pattern. In view of achieving the goals mentioned above, a most inflexible selection is recommended to be performed, in addition to training, counseling and coordination programs.

3. Elevate access to information by organizing the existent data base into a systemized fashion (books, magazines, data bases) and extending the contents. Anyone interested in the field research will be granted permission to make use of the data resources forwarded by the center (library). The up-to-date reference material acquired in the related field embodies a means of reaching information integration.

4. Reinforce international partnerships so as to carry out experience exchange and know-how import, to thematically converge with the European scientific research in the field as well as introduce the project as well as the appropriate institutions to the international specialized community

5. Promote and apply the research outcomes in the field across the country and worldwide too by such efficient means as the ones to follow: organizing internationally addressed conferences and attending similar external events, releasing printed editions of books in Romanian and other languages commonly spoken throughout the world, editing a magazine of no less greater value than the international authorized ones and re-establishing the necessary connections to the current demands inside the epistemological space.